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Intuative Astrological Counseling

Astrology is an ancient symbolic language of divination that allows us to experience ourselves through the lens of the archetypal and the elemental and to understand how what is happening in the sky affects our lives here on earth. It provides us with a language through which we can come to know and understand ourselves and often leads us on the path to healing, self-discovery, self-actualization, and service. Through astrology, we can give voice to the many parts of ourselves and the perceptions, stories, struggles, and beliefs we have about those parts. My goal is to support people on the evolutionary journey of their authentic selves, deepening their intimacy with experiences, longings, goals, and relationships to family, culture, and place.

The focus of my work is to sit with and counsel people about their birth chart (also known as a natal chart). The birth chart is a map of the sky at the moment of your birth and its accuracy requires that we have a birthdate and time as well as a location. The birth chart shows us your gifts and your challenges, your primal energies and authentic essence, and your evolutionary path and journey. I do not use astrology as a predictive tool, yet astrology can guide you on your inner path of expanding self-knowledge as well as on your external life path as you navigate career and relationship dynamics, cultural constraints, and your role of service in the wider world. In a reading, I will point out any major planetary transits as they relate to your chart and are happening for you at present or that may relate to stories of your past or hold relevance for the future.

Rather than me simply telling you about your chart, our time together is a conversation. I will ask you to begin by reflecting on where you are in your life right now and any goals or insights you are hoping to gain from our time together. The information you share becomes the foundation for how I relate the information in your chart to your life. I refer to what I do as intuitive because I allow my intuition to guide my insights as I translate the language of astrology into your life.

Astrology is grounded in a widely cited ancient principle, as above so below. What is above in the cosmos also exists in infinite variety and expression below here on earth, in the intricacies and beauty of the human psyche and within every living and nonliving being. There are many other ways to express this same phenomenon including the microcosm and the macrocosm, the inner and outer, and so on. The principle is simple: what you see in a large way in one expression you see in innumerable expressions everywhere—and its corollary—the whole is always contained in the part(s). It is the principle of interconnection, and in such a serendipitous world, all actions, all experiences, and all acts of inner work and healing are reflected back to the whole. It is from this place that I offer this work in service to our collective healing. When we begin to engage at this level with ourselves, we are also engaging with outer rings of community, family, culture, and other group belongings. In other words, this act of inner engagement inevitably engages with the collective psyche and influences our collective healing. This is not the only work that needs doing; it is one form of service and an invitation for the personal and the collective to a continuously deep and authentic homecoming.

Scheduling and Fees

All sessions take place on Zoom unless otherwise arranged. You will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link for our appointment time immediately upon scheduling.  All readings include a PDF of your birth chart and an audio recording of the session, which will be sent to you via email after the reading and must be downloaded within seven days of receipt. A non-refundable $50 deposit is required via Paypal at the time of scheduling.  If you cancel your appointment with more than 24 hours notice you may transfer your deposit to a future booking. The remainder of the fee is due following the consultation, you will receive payment instructions via email following our session.

Birth chart reading: Two hours. $195 – $295 sliding scale (please read about my sliding scale below).
For all first-time readings with me, please book a two-hour session.
Please have your birth date, time, and location available at the time of scheduling.
A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of scheduling.

Follow-up or ongoing readings: One hour. $95 – 195 sliding scale (please read about my sliding scale below).
One-hour sessions are appropriate if we have met before or if you would like to work together on a semi-ongoing basis – for example, once a month over three months or if you would like to work with a partnership or group where people meet individually and together over a period of time.
Please have your birth date, time, and location available at the time of scheduling.
A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of scheduling.

If you have questions about how to most effectively approach your situation or goals, please send me an email.

Birth chart readings are meant to focus primarily on one person. However, if there is another key figure in your life that you would like to include in your reading, please also include their birth information when you book. It can be helpful to have that other person’s chart available during your reading, when, for example, topics such as parent-child dynamics or intimate relationship concerns are relevant. If you are interested in exploring your child’s or children’s chart(s) specifically, at least one parent or caretaker must have an individual reading first. I am happy to work with people in any sort of relationship including family members, friends, partners, and business partners – in these cases, each group member must have an individual reading first.


About my sliding scale

The true cost of a session is $250 for 2 hours and $145 for 1 hour. For those who have inherited wealth and class or other privileges please consider paying on the higher end of my sliding scale.  Your offering directly impacts my ability to offer reduced rates to those who are not able to pay the full fee.  If you have to choose between services such as these and food, housing, and other living expenses as a result of systemic and other oppressions please pay on the lower end of the sliding scale or contact me about reduced rates.

What folks say about astrology readings:

“Brittany, thank you for the genuine care, support, and informed guidance you offer – you are an outstanding guide and translator of this process. With accuracy, clarity, and compassion, you invited me to look closely at (and into) the gifts and opportunities outlined through my birth chart, and all this within a strong container of trust—I felt a sense of belonging with you and thus “held.” I know that I will refer to this map of insight often over the months ahead. And that integration will continue over a longer arc of time as the reading settles into my consciousness and actions.”

– AW, RI

“Thank you for another transformational session today!  It felt so helpful, insightful, and validating on so many levels.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and also for making it so practical and relevant.”

– Christine, MA

“I have had the privilege to have had my chart read by a few folks throughout my life. When Brittany read my chart, she not only fleshed out aspects that I was aware of and wanted more insight into, she also illuminated many new dynamics that resonated deeply with what has been and is occurring in my life. In the most unassuming and comfortable way, Brittany pointed out some of my dynamics and stories and suggested ways of working with them that left me feeling empowered with options. She pointed me towards my gifts and how I might use them as tools and translate them into service for the world. Her knowledge of the material and her ability to read a symbolic language with wide perspective left me feeling closer to myself and my life. I am deeply grateful for Brittany’s insights!”

– Jennifer, MA

“Having my birth chart read with Brittany was both fun and insightful. I felt deeply known and seen by her as we explored my chart. What I didn’t realize going into it was how healing the session would be. Identifying patterns in my chart that clearly reflect some of the patterns in my life gave me the gift of a deeper sense of self-acceptance and self-understanding. Brittany’s empathy and kindness combined with her knowledge made for a very safe, nurturing, and informative experience and I highly recommend it to anyone.”

– Justine, MA

“My husband and I had a session with Brittany where we looked at each of our charts as well as our 3-year-old daughter’s chart. It was amazing to draw such clear connections between our daughter’s chart and some of the most challenging toddler behaviors that she exhibits. It has opened me up to begin to approach these situations with more understanding, empathy, and compassion, both for my daughter and for myself. What a sense of deep karmic reassurance that we are all joined on this path for our own evolution and to support each other! It has been a gift to have this new perspective on our lives.”

– CK, MA

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