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Thyme Herbal Class
Brittany Wood Nickerson
Thyme Herbal Class Brittany Wood NIckerson
Thyme Herbal Classes

Brittany’s three year herbal apprenticship program explores the study of holistic herbalism drawing on traditions of Western Herbalism, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.  Courses are open to students who are interested in supporting career goals in herbalism and other healing arts, as well as to those who are interested in exploring the study of herbalism for personal development and home use.

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The Art of Home Herbalism

The Art of Home Herbalism

This apprenticeship is designed to introduce you to the world of western herbalism and give you the tools to be an effective and empowered home herbalist. It will strengthen your relationship with your environment and your health through plant identification, growing, wild-crafting, gathering and storing of medicinal plants. We will also explore introductory body system therapeutics, medicine making techniques and the rich cultural heritage of using seasonal and local foods as medicine for health and well-being.

These all day classes are intensive, fun and exciting, hands on and interactive. You will meet the plants in their environment and learn the art of herbal medicine as it relates to your health and the earth.

The Art Of Home Herbalism Online

The Art of Home Herbalism Online

Brittany’s introductory apprenticeship and most popular class, the Art of Home Herbalism, is now available as an online course. This is a unique herbal program, set up similarly to an online course offered through a college or university. Running March through November, each month a new module of material will be released. All students will register and begin the program together – working at their own pace throughout the month, students will be able to ask questions and share experiences through an online forum board. There will also be a monthly discussion groups where students will have the opportunity to check in with Brittany and each other, ask questions and clarify concepts. While students are encouraged to keep up with monthly material, each student will have access to course materials until March of the following year, giving each individual the opportunity to go back and review concepts and work at their own pace.

The Art of Home Herbalism Online will cover all the same topics that are covered in the in-person version of the class, as well as a few more that have been included to account for some of the experiences picked up or inspired during class time.

The Art Of Home Herbalism Practicum

The Art of Home Herbalism Practicum

The Art of Home Herbalism practicum is an opportunity to deepen skills and increase your confidence with practical applications of herbal medicine. An optional addendum to the Art of Home Herbalism, this course provides structure for those interested in spending more time outside, going deeper with plant identification, wild crafting and medicine making. The Practicum provides a space to further explore the skills and tools introduced in the Art of Home Herbalism through hands-on applications – learning will take place mostly through doing and seeing.

While there is also time made for this in the Art of Home Herbalism, this course is for those who want more of that, who want more support with this aspect of the course or who are looking for more frequent meetings with community and instructor. The Practicum also provides a great opportunity for past apprentices and those in more advanced courses of study to stay connected to everyday applications of plant medicine and share their experiences in a group setting. Local students taking the Art of Home Herbalism Online are also welcome. New to herbal medicine? Never taken a class at Thyme Herbal? The Art of Home Herbalism Practicum is a good place to get your feet wet!

Advanced Herbal Apprenticeship

Advanced Herbal Apprenticeship

This course is open to those who have taken The Art of Home Herbalism or to students who have completed a comparable course of study with another herbalist. It will be focused on gaining experience and increasing the scope and depth of herbal knowledge in areas of materia medica, medicine making and body system therapeutics. Students will gain an understanding of energetic principals and learn how to apply herbal medicine to support individual constitutions, conditions and illnesses. Emphasis will be placed on personal projects outside of class and sharing those experiences with other students as a way to both encourage and expand each student’s skills and confidence. This course will speak equally to the serious student of herbal medicine, the passionate hobbyist and those committed to personal self-care. This course will be inspirational and nurture the deepest part of yourself as the keeper of your own health as well as that of your community.

Herbalism In Practice

Herbalism In Practice

This course is designed to help take your knowledge to the next level, create practical experience and deepen your understanding of how to implement herbal medicine. We will begin by learning to understand ourselves as vessels of information – exploring how to sustainably and holistically share our experiences and understandings of herbal medicine and healing with others. We will discuss guidelines for intake and diagnosis including listening skills, clear communication and creating a comfortable environment for those seeking support.

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