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Foundations of Herbal Medicine

7 month Apprenticeship:

Intensive introduction to community applications of Western Herbalism.

This class will not be offered in 2013. The Art of Home Herbalism and the Advanced Apprenticeship will take you on a similar path!

Foundations of Herbal Medicine is a more in depth and advanced version of my introductory course, The Art of Home Herbalism. This class will meet for 14 classes over 7 months and include all of the topics and content covered in The Art of Home Herbalism, in addition to more in depth and detailed materia medica development, medicine making techniques, herbal energetics, herbal formulation, constituents of medicinal plants, and anatomy and physiology of the body. Emphasis will be placed on practice and study outside of class time and each student will complete a project relevant to their herbal passions. If you at any point plan to take your knowledge of herbal medicine outside of the home or wish to apply your skills in a community setting (or are just a real herb/plant lover!) this course is a good fit for you. It will be your most important first step toward building a strong, healthy foundation for study and practice to come.

Because this course will meet over the entire growing season there will be a large emphasis on plant identification during the different seasons of the year, as well as in depth coverage of herbs and foods for seasonal wellness.

7 month Apprenticeship: 2 Mondays/month 9:30 – 3:30 pm.

Dates: April 16, 30.  May 14, 21.  June 4, 18.  July 2, 16, 30.  August 13.  September 10, 24.  October 15, 29.

These dates are tentative and subject to change.  If you have a date conflict please let me know.

Classes include potluck lunches and herbs for medicine making!
Cost: $1,050, payment plans available.

Space is limited, please register early.
Please call or email with questions.  REGISTER NOW.


Payment Plan

Deposit of $350 due upon registration.  This deposit will hold your spot in the class.

Payment Plan Option A:

Following $350 deposit, student will make 3 large payments:

payment 1: $235 due on or before May 14.

payment 2: $235 due on or before July 16.

payment 3: $230 due on or before September 24.


Payment Plan Option B:

Following $350 deposit, student will make a total of 14, $50 payments to be paid at each class meeting.

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