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Private Consultations with Brittany

Thank you for your interest in an herbal consultation, Brittany is not currently seeing clients.


What Folks Say About Consultations:

“Thank you for reminding me that healing is never perfect. I tend to want things perfect, enlightened, blissful, but it never is and as you said, when I’m wanting it that way, it feels unhealthy. Thank you also for reminding me that these ups and downs will always happen but that the POWER is in the EMPOWERMENT of knowing my body and having the tools and wisdom to experiment and remember what does or doesn’t feel good… like I am my own medicine woman. I think that is really where I am now- learning to listen to the signs and reapply them time after time. You articulated it well, thanks Brittany.

-Mo, CA

“Brittany truly possesses loving kindness in her heart. I am incredibly grateful to have gotten the change to work with her over the years and will always cherish it.”

-Sharon, MA

Words could never express my deepest gratitude for everything you have taught me and all you have done for me. I have been on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and a new level of healing that I couldn’t have done without your guidance. Your style allows one to realize things for themselves without being forced and that is really special. Learning about Ayurveda helped me immensely to understand myself and look at my “flaws” in a very different light. Knowing that there is a reason that my body and mind react in certain ways in certain situations has allowed me to bring a lot more balance into my life.”

– Breanna, CA

Student Clinic

Clients are interviewed by one student at a time, with the rest of the class, including Brittany, listening in and asking questions at the end. Together the class will determine an herbal support protocol for the client. The student who performed the intake will follow up with the client afterward, discussing the support protocol and answering any questions they might have. Following the initial intake and follow up, students and clients will follow up and check-in a minimum of 3 times.  This is a free service for the client. All intakes are confidential.

The student clinic is not currently in session.

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