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Harvesting/Wildcrafting, Drying and Storing




Learn to harvest, dry and store all parts of medicinal herbs from your garden or the wild. This lesson is broken down into 3 parts; harvesting aerial parts of plants (leaves, flowers, and seeds), harvesting roots, and sustainable wildcrafting (wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants in their wild habitat). You will learn the best times to harvest, how to process, dry and store the plants, as well as their shelf life after harvesting. Turn your garden and local wilds into a home-pharmacy treasure trove!

This lesson includes 2 video tutorials, 1 audio recording, and 3 PDF handouts.

Video Tutorials:
Harvesting and Processing Herbs (45 minutes)
Harvesting and Processing Roots (34 minutes)

Audio Recording:
Sustainable Wildcrafting: wildcrafting practices and guidelines (21 minutes)

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