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2021 Moon Calendar – 60% OFF!




Herbal Wisdom by Brittany Wood Nickerson
Illustrations by Chelsea Granger

The Moon Calendar is designed to help folks keep track of and live in harmony with the cycles of the moon. Lunar patterns can influence our body, mind, and spirit, and living in accordance with these tides can help to support our growth, creativity, inspiration, and productivity. The Moon Calendar is an excellent way to connect with natural cycles and get to know the phases of the moon. It is also an excellent place to keep track of one’s menstrual cycle, mental-emotional, and other of life’s patterns.

The 2021 Moon Calendar weaves the life cycles of plants and the seasons with the phases of the moon. Following the visual journey of the thistle plant (Cirsium vulgare) as it waxes and wanes through its life cycle, we learn to understand the phases of the moon through the metaphor of life that we see and feel growing all around us and within us. As these earthly and celestial cycles intersect with our lives here on earth they offer inspiration and wisdom for all phases and aspects of birth, growth, death, and decay in our lives.

The 2021 Moon Calendar celebrates our 10th year making these posters and the beginning of our collaborative work together!

13 x 19 inch poster: $16 – Now 40% off!
Note: 13 x 19 is a standard frame size.

Shipping on posters: $5.50 for the first poster, $0.75 for each additional poster of any type.

Interested in learning more about the phases of the moon? Read Brittany’s Moon Wisdom blog posts!

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