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I have been studying with Brittany for over three years.  I have taken her introductory and advanced herbal apprenticeship programs and many of her other workshops.  The style in which she teaches is dynamic and varied – we learned in a classroom setting, outside in the garden, in the field and also through hands on medicine making. Brittany is very articulate when teaching, her explanations and lessons helped me to understand the systems of the body and how to apply and use herbal medicine in a way I had never been able to grasp before.  Brittany has been a huge inspiration to me and I am very grateful to her.

– Kim, MA

Brittany is truly a gifted teacher and herbalist. She has such a graceful and clear approach to teaching about plants and wellness. I have taken all of Brittany’s apprenticeships and each program is well throughout and full of honest wisdom. I would recommend her classes to any student, beginner or advanced, you will not be disappointed!

– Michael, MA

I have taken the Advanced Apprenticeship and Herbalism in practice and I can only say positive things about Thyme Herbal’s apprenticeship programs. Brittany’s classes always have a calm, welcoming vibe where you feel like you’re part of a discussion rather than listening to a lecture. As a teacher she is clear, approachable, and incredibly knowledgable. Her deep relationship with healing herbs and nourishing foods is evident in everything she shares with her class. Whether you’re looking to incorporate herbal medicine into your home life or wishing to become an herbalist, you’re certain to learn a lot from Brittany.

– Vincent, MA

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