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Herbal Approaches to Women’s Health

At UMASS, Amherst

About the Course

Next Offering: SPRING 2016 – Mondays, 4:00 – 6:00 pm – Register early (through UMass), class always fills up!
UMASS course number: STOCK297W

This class will cover herbal approaches to female reproductive health during all stages of life. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the workings of the body and the root causes of wellness and imbalance. We will cover herbal therapies for prevention, health maintenance and rejuvenation, as well as treatment approaches for a variety of health concerns.

When we have a relationship with the patterns and nature of our body we are able to make more informed, empowered choices around our healthcare and wellbeing. This course will provide tools and wisdom to develop and deepen one’s relationship with their body, as well as the skills to care for themselves and those in their community. In addition to specific herbal therapies, this course will evaluate the many ways that healing can look and feel, including the layers of compassion and non-judgment necessary to that process. This class is open to anyone interested in deepening their relationship with their own body and/or understanding the rhythms of those they are close to. It is an excellent complementary training opportunity for practitioners and healthcare professionals. No prior herbal experience necessary – this class will appeal to the beginner and advanced student of alternative health and herbal medicine. All genders are welcome.

Topics will include:
• Anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system
• Nutrition and holistic wellness
• Puberty and menarche
• Menstrual irregularities
• Cramps and painful periods
• Premenstrual symptoms
• Uterine Fibroids and endometriosis
• Yeast, vaginal infections and UTIs
• Breast health
• Hormonal imbalances and endocrine health
• Fertility
• Safe and supportive herbal therapies for pregnancy
• Birth and post postpartum recovery
• Menopause

Required Readings:
Herbal Remedies for Women, Amanda McQuade Crawford

Brittany Cares so much about the course material and is an amazing teacher. Her love for herbs and people shines through. This was one of the best classes I took at UMass and I have made some life changes because of it.
Brittany is so knowledgeable and has such insightful information to share. I love how applicable what we learn is to everyday life. I also love how each week we learn something completely new.
Brittany is so wonderfully inspiring and attention-grasping! She is full of so much knowledge and does a great job sharing/explaining to others.

-Spring Semester 2014

Umass Herbal Class
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