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Well/Aware Podcast

Brittany on holistic health, herbalism in the modern world, divorcing health from consumerism, and the intimacy of true healing.
“Health is something that is incredibly personal and deeply intimate that lives within our bodies, and it will only ever be ours. No matter how many pictures we have on social media, health will only ever be our own intimate experience.”

Eat Boutique

aromatic herbal bouquet
Brittany is a contributing author for Eat Boutique:
Feel Better and Relieve Stress with Aromatic Herbal Bouquets

Birthing Mama Pregnancy Companion

Birthing mama is a weekly companion for weeks 14 – 42 of pregnancy. Each week offers an update on your baby’s development, an instructional yoga video, nutritional guidance and recipes, a self care exercise and inspirational and creative activities. A truly inspiring way to connect with yourself and your baby during a very special time.
Click here for more information and to watch a video that illustrates and explains the companion!
Brittany is a contributing author and Birthing Mama Herbalist.

The Herbarium

Brittany is a contributing author for, The Herbarium, the membership website for the Herbal Academy of New England.

Spirit of Change Magazine, Spring 2013

Fermentation Magic – A Model for Health and Transformation
By Brittany Wood Nickerson

HERBSTALK Blog, June 5, 2013

The Rest and Digest State: How you Eat is as Powerful as What you Eat!
By Brittany Wood Nickerson

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