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General Testimonials

Brittany is definitely a role model for this new, needed generation of healers. She channels wisdom and ancient knowledge that is truly priceless information to have in your toolbox. I have learned so much from her classes; from plant identification-to making all kinds of food and medicine. I have been truly inspired by her to take my wellbeing into my own hands. She incorporates a solid holistic foundation into all of her classes, which made it easy for me to take what I learned and integrate it into my home routine. The learning environment is also peaceful and safe, which, to me is the perfect platform to learn and go deep into these amazing practices. Every class is always exciting because I know that I am going to learn something so great that I can’t wait to make it apart of my everyday way of living! I look forward to taking many more classes with Brittany!

– Ashley B, MA

Thyme Herbal Classroom
The Art Of Home Herbalism

I really enjoyed this class.  I have been interested in plants and herbs for many years and in this class I was finally able to take this interest to a new level.  I was excited and inspired to learn about the uses and purposes for each plant!  Brittany is very knowledgeable about herbs, herbal medicine, and their effects on body function and mental state.  I think Brittany is a gifted teacher – she creates a warm, loving and safe environment for learning.  The lessons were well-structured with a good mix of lectures, handouts, demonstrations and hands-on practice.  This class was fun!

– Betsy, MA

What have I gained from this class? First of all I think I’ve acquired identification skills. Not only in plant identification (although I do now know how to tell if a plant is in the mint family and what wild lettuce looks like), but also identifying the way that I feel. The conversation between my mind and my body has become easier to interpret and understand. I now know how the different systems in my body work together in a holistic way and I can hear (and feel) the dialogue happening between them. Through this knowledge, I’ve also been able to provide preventative support and illness prevention for myself and for those in my community. It feels wonderful to be able to make infusions, teas, and other medicines for my loved ones – it has allowed me to help them in ways I had not been able to before. I can talk to my friends and family about what’s going on in their lives and their bodies and better understand what they are going through physically and emotionally. And that brings me to the most important thing that I’ve gained, connection. I feel connected to my body, my health and to the plants and the medicine growing all around me, and  because of this I feel more connected to the people in my life.

– Sarah, MA

elderberries from the Art of Home Herbalism Online
2 - 3 Year Apprenticeship Program

I have been studying with Brittany for over three years.  I have taken her introductory and advanced herbal apprenticeship programs and many of her other workshops.  The style in which she teaches is dynamic and varied – we learned in a classroom setting, outside in the garden, in the field and also through hands on medicine making. Brittany is very articulate when teaching, her explanations and lessons helped me to understand the systems of the body and how to apply and use herbal medicine in a way I had never been able to grasp before.  Brittany has been a huge inspiration to me and I am very grateful to her.

– Kim, MA

Brittany is truly a gifted teacher and herbalist. She has such a graceful and clear approach to teaching about plants and wellness. I have taken all of Brittany’s apprenticeships and each program is well throughout and full of honest wisdom. I would recommend her classes to any student, beginner or advanced, you will not be disappointed!

– Michael, MA

I have taken the Advanced Apprenticeship and Herbalism in practice and I can only say positive things about Thyme Herbal’s apprenticeship programs. Brittany’s classes always have a calm, welcoming vibe where you feel like you’re part of a discussion rather than listening to a lecture. As a teacher she is clear, approachable, and incredibly knowledgable. Her deep relationship with healing herbs and nourishing foods is evident in everything she shares with her class. Whether you’re looking to incorporate herbal medicine into your home life or wishing to become an herbalist, you’re certain to learn a lot from Brittany.

– Vincent, MA

Thyme Herbal School
Classes and Workshops

I took Brittany’s Herbal Body Care class this spring and it was fantastic!  The class was engaging throughout, informative, well organized and fun.  Brittany communicated her knowledge and the procedures very well and she dealt smoothly with all of her students peppering her with questions. Most importantly, I was really impressed with the breadth and depth of her knowledge and feel fortunate to have had access to her teachings. The class had a lasting impact on me and I look foreword to learning more from Brittany in the future–thank you!

– Shireen, CA

Thank you so much for your wisdom and for sharing it with us.  I’m honored to have studied at the feet of someone with so much herbal knowledge.

– Aletha, CA

I would love to extend a large thank you to you for such an excellent session you gave this weekend. I can hands down say it was the most tangible information I took away from the conference this weekend. You spoke so eloquently on the subject and I left feeling that I could easily incorporate all you shared with us in my every day life immediately!

– Sophie, VT

Brittany Wood Nickerson
The Art Of Home Herbalism Online

This was a life changing experience for me.  Brittany is so very masterful in her knowledge of and educating about herbs.  If you’re interested in this course, I highly recommend jumping in and signing up.  You will be so grateful!

– Yasmine, NY

Your audios on the seasons and aligning with their cycles are very inspiring. In this chaotic and material world, the messages that you intersperse throughout the course – connecting with nature, reflecting on our blessings and continually giving thanks, have been most grounding. Thank you for the reminders of  these most valuable lessons that I now more closely carry in my heart as I explore the natural world and work with the beautiful gifts of medicinal herbs.

–  Kirby, MA

After taking the Art of Home Herbalism Online I feel empowered to take care of my and my family’s health and wellness in a new way. I’m teaching my kids to know their bodies and what herbs are out there for them to use. I’m teaching them how to support their whole body, not just individual parts.This summer I grew as many herbs in my own yard as possible and began to forage for herbs in the wild. I now have a full home apothecary and incorporate herbs into our everyday life.

Your course has changed my life and I am so grateful for the wisdom you have shared!

–  Amanda, OH

Thyme Herbal Farm Chickens
Herbal Approaches To Women's Health

I had been interested in herbs prior to Brittany’s class, but was somewhat hesitant taking on learning about them myself. Brittany’s class made learning about the healing powers of herbs fun, intimate and useful. The class discussion allowed for topics ranging from daily personal to global concerns using great resources, books and peer thoughts. I highly enjoyed the journal keeping and used it as a way to spiritually and emotionally connect to myself through herbs, my mind, body, soul & environment. Loved the class, highly recommend it to everyone!

– Danielle, MA

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