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The Thyme Herbal Team

I (Brittany) am very grateful to have the very part-time help and support of these two amazing people!

Nadia Lopez (she/her) recently moved to Western Massachusettes from New York City. She believes that everything in our lives should come from the most natural, unprocessed sources possible and one day aspires to have her own homestead. She is continually learning and experimenting with the ways plants can aid a healthier, happier life and loves tinkering with and making her own herbal remedies. She is currently a student in The Art of Home Herbalism Online.

Nadia is the proud mother of a beautiful toddler. She loves music (she plays ukulele and violin!), gardening, yoga, being outside, cooking, baking, making botanically inspired art, and doing yoga.

She loves organizing and cleaning – two skills that she often utilizes as the Thyme Herbal office assistant. Nadia manages all the wholesale accounts and ships all orders that come in through the shop on the Thyme Herbal website.  When you email you will most likely chat with Nadia!

Savannah Clayton (she/her) grew up in the rural, wild woods of Northern Michigan, where her love for the natural world began. When she started studying herbalism after graduating from college with a music degree, it was like a homecoming. All the familiar plants and trees of her childhood now had names and special, healing spirits!

Savannah first met Brittany at Herbstalk, an herbal conference outside of Boston, in 2014. Right away she knew she wanted Brittany to be her teacher, and after a brief period abroad, she began her studies at Thyme Herbal. Now, over 4 years of classes later, Savannah has deeply integrated these teachings into her everyday life and hopes to continue to learn and deepen her relationship with the plants and living a holistically aligned life. Savannah has a small holistic health coaching practice and herbal skincare business, Nourish Shakti.  She is currently feeling inspired by home fermentation, botanically dyeing natural fibers, and sewing garments.
Savannah is the Thyme Herbal social media manager, she also helps with the website and is often called on for her editing skills!  
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