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winter health remedies, Thyme Herbal

Winter Wisdom, Winter Health

Being healthy in the winter is an invitation to work with the energetics of the season, which has a lot to teach us about our physical needs and patterns, emotional well-being, and social inclinations. This lesson weaves a rich tapestry engaging the wisdom and energy of winter with tools to feed our body, mind, and spirit during the darkest, coldest season of the year. Learn recipes and remedies to improve immunity, address common winter health ailments, balance the mood, and maintain vibrant energy levels.

This lesson includes the following…

Audio Recordings:
The North: Exploring the Energy and Spirit of Winter, 47-minutes
Support for Winter Health, 45-minutes
Herbs for Winter Health, 42-minutes
Making Medicinal Broth and Stock, 26-minutes

PDF Handouts:
Recipes for Winter Health
Winter Teas
Materia Medica for Winter Health
Making Bone Broth
Making Vegetable Based Stock

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