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When I first moved to this home,

When I first moved to this home with some of the people I love, we woke each morning to a bright, red-orange sun rising upon a misty field — it was an image full of life, energy and imagination. Since then, sunrises over our misty meadow only show themselves in waves, but I will never forget that first month when it happened every day and the farm named itself. The house we live in was built in the 1770s and in every corner you can feel the rich history it has nourished for centuries. Misty Meadow is a space of learning and healing, of growing and raising food; it is a place where we laugh and cry, listen to music, walk in the moonlight, fix cars and cook dinner.  It is the place we call home.
On this homestead we raise chickens, pigs and goats and have gardens for food and medicine.  When you take classes here, we will spend time learning about and getting to know the plants in the garden, and the plants growing wild in the fields and the woods.  When we make medicine in class, you will harvest herbs from this outdoor classroom!  We are also pleased to be working on a new project here at Misty Meadow: a botanical woodland sanctuary.  This botanical sanctuary will be a habitat and safe haven for native woodland herbs and edibles.  This project is aimed to help restore native ecosystems and provide a healthy, half-wild and half-intentional habitat for native plants in this most densely populated part of our community.
Our vision and intention for creating sanctuary doesn’t stop in the garden or the woods, but includes the space of our home.  We believe deeply in the power of sanctuary and in the healing and restorative power of home. That Misty Meadow is a home for us and a home for Thyme Herbal is a fundamental part of the project and a piece of the medicine. We live a lifestyle that we hope will be inspirational for those who visit and learn here. Small homesteads are empowering, resourceful and transformative places, and we believe that any home — whether a homestead or a NYC apartment — can engage with the healing process of transformation. For us, it is this life of balance, this life wedded to process and engaged with intention, that supports our path to personal health and to the health of the land that feeds us.  We invite you to join us, to share our home and our community, and to learn from the land and the plants. It is the love, joy and hard work of many that makes this a special and inspiring place!


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