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Thank you for your registration!


If you’re paying by check, please mail to:
Brittany Wood Nickerson
264 S. Shirkshire RD
Conway, MA 01341
All checks should be made out to “Thyme Herbal”
If you’re paying via PalPal, please select your payment option from the following list and click the “Pay Now” button:


Classes and Apprenticeships

Note: If you are registering for the Art of Home Herbalism Practicum and you are currently enrolled in the Art of Home Herbalism (in person or online) or the Advanced Apprenticeship, you do not have to pay a deposit.
If you would like to pay for this class in full, please mail a check to the above address or send a payment via paypal to for $300 (past and current apprentices) or $375 for everyone else.


If you are not paying in full, please:

Fill out the payment plan contract

below and send it snail mail with your deposit check or via email ( if you are paying by paypal. In the later case your typed name on the contract will act as a signature. If you are paying in full, you do not need to fill out a payment plan contract.
Payment Plan Contract
Payment Plan Contract – ONLINE CLASS ONLY


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