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Thyme Herbal Classroom
Winter Health Remedies, Thyme Herbal
The Art of Home Herbalism Practicum

While this class is designed to go alongside the Art of Home Herbalism, it is an excellent opportunity for those interested in getting involved with herbalism for the first time.

It is also an excellent opportunity for past apprentices of all levels to stay involved and continue to deepen their experience with herbalism. All are welcome!

About the Class

The Art of Home Herbalism practicum is an opportunity to deepen skills and increase your confidence with practical applications of herbal medicine. An optional addendum to the Art of Home Herbalism, this course provides structure for those interested in spending more time outside, going deeper with plant identification, wild crafting and medicine making. The Practicum provides a space to further explore the skills and tools introduced in the Art of Home Herbalism through hands-on applications – learning will take place mostly through doing and seeing.

While there is also time made for this in the Art of Home Herbalism, this course is for those who want more of that, who want more support with this aspect of the course or who are looking for more frequent meetings with community and instructor. The Practicum also provides a great opportunity for past apprentices and those in more advanced courses of study to stay connected to everyday applications of plant medicine and share their experiences in a group setting. Local students taking the Art of Home Herbalism Online are also welcome. New to herbal medicine? Never taken a class at Thyme Herbal? The Art of Home Herbalism Practicum is a good place to get your feet wet!

Activities and Topics Will Include

  • Plant Identification
  • Wildcrafting and foraging
  • Making Plant Medicine
  • In depth materia medica on seaonally available plants
  • Seasonal rituals and wellness
  • Growing and gardening

On a typical day we will go for a long herb walk and stop to gather plants while we are out. We will make medicine and discuss the applications and uses of that medicine and the plants we are using as we work. We will explore different habitats and ecosystems, work together in the greenhouse and garden, harvest and forage, make food and medicine, and dry, process and make medicine from the herbs that we harvest – all the while using conversation and storytelling as a platform to deepen our knowledge of plants, the body and healing. Students will make medicine to taste and take home!

You can choose to come to class periodically throughout the year on a case by case basis or you can sign up to take the entire 6 class series. Keep in mind that the magic of this course is in the spontaneity of life and nature’s natural cycles – curriculum will depend on the weather, the plants, the season and class interest. Please come prepared to be outside, make things with your hands and have fun!

Reccomended Reading:

Botany in a Day, by Thomas J. Elpel

Peterson Field Guides Easter/Central Medicinal Plants and Herbs, by Stephen Foster and James A. Duke

Dates and Details

The Practicum will not be offered in 2018.   Please consider The Art of Home Herbalism Online or Brittany’s new course, Ritual for Reconnection.

Class Cost

Day Rate: $65
Class Series: $300 for all current and past Thyme Herbal apprentices. $375 for other students.

Payment Plan Option

For students in the Art of Home Herbalism or Advanced Apprenticeship, add $33 to each monthly payment. Or $150 to each of your two $270 payments. No deposit necessary if you are already currently enrolled in one of the apprenticeship programs.

All Other Students

A $100 non-refundable deposit holds your spot in class. The remaining balance is to be divided between each of the 6 class sessions ($46/class or $33/class for past apprentices).

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