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Welcome… it’s cook’n thyme!

Hello, and welcome to my blog!
As many of you may know, I absolutely love to cook! I love to uncover medicinal and culinary traditions of the past and to create my own from my love and knowledge of foods and herbs. My goal as an herbalist is to help restore and build a culture that values sustainable home food production and embraces food as our primary source of nutrition and medicine. I am continually learning new things and I love to share what I know, that’s why I started teaching what I call “herbal cooking classes,” out of my home in Oakland. Here on my blog, you can learn right along with me! I will post things I have made a hundred times and things that I just made for the first time that day. This will include herbal teas, treats, condiments, sauces as well as facts, tid bits, techniques and of course recipes for soups, dinners you name it. I hope that this becomes a place where people learn not just how to cook but all the ins and outs of the nutrition and technique behind ancient and contemporary cooking and healing lore….actively building health and tradition one day at a thyme.
Enjoy, be well and stay in touch!

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