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Elderflower Pancakes!

Elderflowers are so delicious and lend themselves well to sweet or savory dishes.  There is nothing like a good elderflower fritter, elderflower mead or soda or even a simple elderflower tea.  However, one of my all time favorites will always be elderflower pancakes!  Elderflower blooms during strawberry season and the two go very well together.  You can make these pancakes with or without strawberries – they will be divine either way!
To make elderflower pancakes: start with your favorite pancake recipe and add thinly sliced strawberries and a loosely packed cup of elderflower blossoms.  Pick the little white flowers off of the umbels (or cut them off with scissors) and add them to the pancake batter.  They add a great texture and a sweet flavor!  Serve with all the fixins!
For a complete herbal materia medica (profile of medicinal uses and applications) on elderflower – see the elder post in the Materia Medica category of the blog!


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