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Beet Kvass

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3 medium sized beets, thinly sliced
¼ cup of yogurt whey
1 Tbs. unrefined salt
2 quarts of filtered or well water

To Prepare:

Put all ingredients into a ½ gallon jar and shake well, until all salt is dissolved. Leave the lid on and allow the mixture to sit out at room temperature for two days, then refrigerate and enjoy. I do not strain out the beets, just pour the liquid off of the top and leave the beets settled at the bottom. When there is only one cup of kvass left with the beets you may refill the jar with water and allow to ferment for another two days and then drink again. This one-cup of left over kvass will act as a culture starter and there is still good stuff left in those beets. However, after two infusions discard the beets and begin again. You may continue to use 1 cup of kvass as the starter in your other batches in place of the whey.

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