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Thyme Herbal Class

The Art of Home Herbalism

An introduction to the practice of using medicinal herbs and foods to heal yourself and others.

This introductory herbal apprenticeship is designed to introduce you to the world of western herbalism and give you the tools to be an effective and empowered home herbalist. It will strengthen your relationship with your natural environment, your relationship with home and your own health. We will learn from each other and the seasons as we learn to incorporate the art of herbal medicine into our lives!

Topics include:

Medicine Making
Wildcrafting, Harvesting, Drying, Storing
Body System Therapeutics: digestive system, nervous system, immune system, lymphatic system, skin.
Nutrient Dense Foods and Food Preparation
Nutritional Support for Vibrant Health
Seasonal Herbalism, Cooking & Self-care
Seasonal and Directional Energetics


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