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Moon Wisdom – Full Moon

Great circle of light, queen of the night – full of magic and mystery, your bright belly holds the psychic, the healing and the power to be. Your energy is intoxicating, your glow inspiring, your beauty full of confidence and grace.

The full moon rises as the sun sets, so never will you see the full moon in the sky during the day. Abundant and showy at night, yet secretive and modest during the day, the full moon teaches us to walk our beauty, to honor our abundance and to hold our power all with integrity and grace. Like long summer days, the full moon is a time to honor and bask in the abundance of our life and the life around us. It is a time to appreciate the beauty of the present – to be here right now without the past or the future. The full moon is a time of fertile energy, of positivity and a time to enjoy the richness of the here and now. It is also a time to practice trust, for we must believe that even as the full moon begins to wane, abundance will still abound in our lives, albeit in a different form.

During the full moon may you take some time to enjoy all that has grown in your life and all that is full, abundant and rich. May you find beauty in that which is and learn to accept it and love it with humility and grace.


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