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Moon Wisdom – New Moon

windowNew moon, empty, hollow, dark vessel, I see not even a trace of your elegance in the sky. At the start of your sweet cycle the night is dark, the world is quiet and still. We are blessed by your darkness, this rich color of creation, the fertility and womb from which all life is born. Shapeless in form, malleable and full of potential you hold our hopes and dreams. Restfully, gently the world prepares for new.

The new moon rises as the sun rises. Not present and illuminated in the night sky, the new moon is a time of darkness. Darkness carries some negative connotations in our culture – it is often seen as depressing, scary or uncomfortable. We associate darkness with the unknown and often fear it because we do not know what it will bring. Yet, darkness and the unknown also represent potential. To embrace the potential of darkness we must surrender to the unknown and let go of our attachments to the future. For it is from this place of darkness, from this place of the unknown, that all things sacred, all things of joy and beauty and pleasure are born -from darkness, life is born.

On the new moon, may you take some time to muse on your most desired possibilities. Dream big and let the darkness of creation inspire the part of you that most wants to be born.

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