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Cherry Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomato Dressing

I never used to like sun-dried tomatoes because they always seemed too sweet. So, I was surprised when one day this spring I had a real craving for them. It was the season for fresh baby romaine and I dreamed up a dressing that tickled the fancy of my salt…

Nasturtium Flower

Nasturtium Vinegar

I have always loved nasturtiums, starting with the fact that I could eat them as a young child and moving into their delightful, peppery taste as an accent in salads as an adult. And now, as an herbalist, I love nasturtium vinegar!   Not only are good quality, raw, unfiltered,…

Brittany Wood Nickerson

Eat More Kale!

Kale is a delicious and nutritious dark leafy green, high in Vitamin C, calcium and potassium, as well as countless trace minerals. Greens are the number one food group missing from the average American diet and the funny thing about it is they are by far one of the most…

Roses Drying

Lemon Verbena and Rose Ice Tea

Since my last post, which was far too long ago, I have moved from the hustle and bustle of my Oakland neighborhood to an old farmhouse in Amherst Massachusetts. Here in New England the summer months bring heat and humidity and I have found hot tea to be low on…

Brittany Wod Nickerson

Welcome to my blog!

Hi!  My name is Brittany, and I write about what inspires me in my practice as an herbalist and educator, and as a person who loves to putter around in the kitchen. Here you will find a combination of recipes, home remedies, herbal and nutritional wisdom, and musings about my experiences in life, teaching and health.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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