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Kitchen Medicine Poster




Herbal Wisdom by Brittany Wood Nickerson
Illustrations by Chelsea Granger

Our new Kitchen Medicine poster (re-illustrated and designed in 2020) includes illustrations of and descriptions for the medicinal use of 9 common culinary herbs.  It is a great addition to the home kitchen – helping to inspire folks to use common culinary herbs for flavor, nutrition, and medicine in the kitchen and beyond.

Note: We do still have the previous edition of the Kitchen Medicine Poster available at a discounted rate due to a small amount of damage: learn more here.

13 x 19 inch poster.

Shipping on posters: $6 for the first poster, $0.50 for each additional poster of any type.

About the Kitchen Medicine Poster…The Kitchen Medicine poster is part of the Everyday Living Series, a collaboration between community herbalist Brittany Wood Nickerson and artist Chelsea Granger. The series is motivated by a desire to bring art and medicine into the home and into everyday life.

The Kitchen Medicine poster can be used as a tool to help raise awareness of the medicinal uses of some of the most common culinary herbs, most of which can be found in kitchens, gardens, farmer’s markets, or supermarkets and are already in many of the foods we eat. This accessibility makes culinary herbs some of the most useful plants to build relationships with and it is easy to incorporate them into your life by cooking and making tea with them. It is empowering to be able to make such a diverse array of medicinal preparations from herbs that you may very well already have on your spice shelf at home! The commonality and accessibility of these herbs is not only useful it is also exciting and inspiring – potentially even shifting how we see the world – when we can begin to see and use common herbs as medicine, we begin to take health and healing into our own hands and homes. This is folk medicine – full of magic and wonder and possibility. It is a chance to reconnect with old wisdom so that we may better take care of each other, the earth, and ourselves. May this poster be just a starting point – stay curious, check out books from the library, go on an herb walk, plant seeds, grow herbs in a window box, eat them, drink them, dry them to store. We hope that this poster inspires you and your community to use herbs in new ways so that you can learn from their many healing gifts!

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