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Tea with the Moon poster




Herbal Wisdom by Brittany Wood Nickerson
Illustrations by Chelsea Granger

Tea with the Moon is a little reminder of the ways the moon and the moon phases affect our lives as well as some of the plant medicines we can use to support ourselves during these different phases.  A tasty tea blend recipe for each of the four major phases of the moon calls us to connect: to meditate with the moon, with ourselves and our own emotions, or to simply support our changing tides as we ride through this moonly cycle.  A small little poster that will fit nicely into any nook or cranny, Tea with the Moon is an invitation to deepen your connection to your body, the moon, and any cycle that pulls or guides you in your life.

6.25 x 13 inch poster.

Shipping on posters: $6 for the first poster, $0.50 for each additional poster of any type.

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