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Moon Wisdom – Waxing Moon

orange-moss-on-rockWaxing moon, swelling and expanding with growth and with passion. New and fragile, tender and vulnerable you shine with possibility. Wise moon, with your potent energy of new, still you grow slow and steady. Walking gently as you change, you teach us to respect the time and space needed to sustain transformation.

The waxing moon grows and expands from right to left, forming a D shape in the sky. At the time of the first quarter, the midpoint of the waxing period, the moon rises at noon. As such, it is during parts of this phase that we often see the moon during the daytime. New, start and begin are all good words to describe this period of the moon’s cycle. As we transition away from the new moon, full of potential, the waxing moon becomes a time to manifest that potential. It is a time to start projects – to put inspiration, enthusiasm and energy into that which you wish to create and manifest in your life. This is the energy of springtime – the energy of a seed sprout busting through the dirt. Like the growing seed, it is time to use our will to survive and reproduce toward creative, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. A seed sprout carries tremendous energy and strength and yet is a fragile and vulnerable being – during the waxing moon, remember to respect and honor the vulnerability that is inherent within periods of expansion.

During the waxing moon may you find concrete ways to manifest your visions, dreams and passions. And may you be patient and gentle with the part of yourself that is sprouting.


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