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Fresh Turmeric & Ginger Rice

As the weather gets colder it is important to spice up our food with warming carminative herbs and spices. Carminatives increase circulation to the digestive track, improving the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Most culinary herbs are carminative and are historically included in traditional cookery because they help our body…



Have you ever thought about making your own kombucha!?! To start with you will need a kombucha scoby (see the fascinating organism at left and then below at right!). The kombucha scoby, often called a kombucha mushroom, is a colony of yeasts that digest sugar and caffeine to create that…

Currents & Chickweed

Wild Herb and Fruit Mead

A Crash Course in Making Wild Fermented Meads with Herbs and Fresh Fruit!     Mead is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from a base of honey and water. Sometimes referred to as honey wine, mead has been made and consumed throughout Europe, Asia and Africa for thousands of years.…


Breakfast of Champions

I have been thinking lately about Breakfast of Champions, the famous slogan designed to help sell more cereal. Kids want to be champions and parents want the best for their kids (a champion of a son or daughter doesn't sound too bad). Appealing to both ends of the consumer spectrum,…

Brittany Wod Nickerson

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! My name is Brittany, and I write about what inspires me in my practice as an herbalist and educator, and as a person who loves to putter around in the kitchen. Here you will find a combination of recipes, home remedies, herbal and nutritional wisdom, and musings about my experiences in life, teaching and health. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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