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The Wisdom To Live

The Wisdom to Live

The Native American definition of wisdom is: "that people may live." In Original Blessing, brilliant religious scholar and author Matthew Fox breaks it down for the reader, separating out two unique aspects of the definition. First, he explains that people "may live," by being alive. Second, he explains that people…

Gomasio With Seaweed

Gomasio with Seaweed

Gomasio is a Japanese style condiment made from sesame seeds and salt. The sesame seeds are toasted, ground and combined with salt and sometimes other spices. Sesame seeds are high in calcium and an excellent source of nourishment for the nervous and muscular skeletal systems. Seaweed is high in many…

Cleavers – An Early Spring Gift

Cleavers – an early spring gift

Cleavers (galium aparine) loves cool, moist soil and is often one of the first green plants I see pushing up through the leaves in the early spring. It is a gift of the spring, an offering of medicine - the exact medicine that our bodies crave this time of year!…

Moon Wisdom – Waxing Moon

Moon Wisdom – Waxing Moon

Waxing moon, swelling and expanding with growth and with passion. New and fragile, tender and vulnerable you shine with possibility. Wise moon, with your potent energy of new, still you grow slow and steady. Walking gently as you change, you teach us to respect the time and space needed to…

Brittany Wod Nickerson

Welcome to my blog!

Hi!  My name is Brittany, and I write about what inspires me in my practice as an herbalist and educator, and as a person who loves to putter around in the kitchen. Here you will find a combination of recipes, home remedies, herbal and nutritional wisdom, and musings about my experiences in life, teaching and health.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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