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Harvesting/Wildcrafting Calendar




Herbal Wisdom by Brittany Wood Nickerson
Illustrations by Chelsea Granger

The Harvesting/Wildcrafting Calendar outlines harvesting times for plants and plant parts based on seasons of the year.  This poster is designed to serve as a reminder of bioregionally available plants and when they are most potent to harvest for food and medicine.  The calendar includes a variety of wild and cultivated plants ranging from spring greens and weeds such as garlic mustard, chickweed and nettle, to late summer seeds and berries including elderberry, hawthorn berry and milk thistle seed.  Rather than outlining what date to harvest each plant, the Wildcrafting/Harvesting Calendar is designed to give you a sense of the overall flow of birth, growth, bloom, fruit, and seed that the year follows and how you can integrate yourself and your medicine making in this powerful, magical cycle.  The poster includes brief information on sustainable and safe harvesting practices.

While harvesting times and bioregionally available plants will vary slightly from location to location, the general format of the poster (which is organized by time of year) makes the information applicable to any climate.

13 x 19 inch poster.
Note: 13 x 19 is a standard frame size.

Shipping on posters: $6 for the first poster, $0.50 for each additional poster of any type.

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